RMA LLC has been committed to the empowerment of people with developmental disabilities since 2016.  The underlying philosophy of the RMA Lottsford Center Program mirrors this commitment by providing the highest quality training to the individuals we serve.



RMA LOTTSFORD CENTER provides programs to adults who have developmental disabilities. While there are no quick fix or countermeasure for developmental disabilities, people with these cognitive disorders can still achieve personal and professional fulfillment.  It is our mission at RMA LOTTSFORD CENTER to educate and empower individuals with developmental disabilities to realize their full potential.

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The RMA LOTTSFORD Center provides a positive environment, where individuals with developmental disabilities are served, in heterogeneous groups both on site and in community settings.  The program focuses on FUNCTIONAL CURRICULUM, LIFE SKILLS TRAINING and RECREATIONAL SKILLS.  Individuals are given ongoing opportunities to participate and share in adult-appropriate activities.  Curriculum training includes; community work training, arts & crafts (learning design, developing critical fine motor, visual motor, and sensory motor skills), basic gardening, landscaping/horticulture, health (physical fitness), vocational training and development, social awareness, communication skills, meal preparation, computer skills, independent living skills, community integration, self-care, education for sexuality, leisure, recreation skills development, self-advocacy, community safety and access training.  Each training curriculum is based on the functional skills philosophy.

The RMA Lottsford Activity Center program maintains a 1:4 ratio (1 program staff to 4 consumers).  During community activities, the staff-to-consumer ratio required is 2:6 (2 program staff to 6 consumers) to insure safety, situations for natural support, and adequate skills development to assist consumers in attaining IP/PCP goals and objectives.

We make it simple, but significant: To empower adults with developmental disabilities to discover, experience, and realize their full potentials as members of the greater community.

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Rosemount Music Academy LLC as a DDA Certified Service Provider helps educates and empowers individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to realize their full potential. This is one of the most rewarding and unique role that we embraced, as we have had the honour to be involved in and started with simple ideas to help and work with people with different abilities. We combine our culture of care and creativity within quality programs to provide liberal arts education, practical skills development, employment, and dignity for a lifetime.

With this in mind, RMA LLC’s “Meet our Team” section is a great way to illustrate that idea. When you hover over an image of a team member, each portraits imply fun, imagination, and creativity behind the otherwise straightforward profiles.