Services Available


We provide one-on-one lessons in a warm, encouraging learning environment.  Our talented instructors are experienced and qualified to teach children, teens, adults as well as students with special needs. With great knowledge, extensive experience, and a background in teaching music, our talented musicians can cover a  wide range of music styles and genres.

Weekly lessons of 30, 45, or 60 minutes are available. Instruction is offered in Piano, Voice, Guitar, Violin, Flute, and Drums/Percussion.


Group lessons provide a cost-effective way for students to enhance music study. In a group lesson, students are encouraged to perform in front of peers, wherein they will enjoy learning with their peers which helps improve self-esteem and confidence.

To be successful in collaborative learning and get the attention they need,  we make every effort to limit the size of our group lessons to no more than six students.


Rosemount Music Academy recitals are held annually either spring or summer time. Students are encouraged to perform and share their talents with family, friends, and other individuals.



Providing Music Education in the early years of children's lives is key to developing a solid-music-making foundation. Your children will be introduced to musical instruments' sounds, learn songs, dances, and start to work with written musical patterns.  They will also explore and enjoy musical games promoting awareness and coordination, wherein they will discover their own ideas, exercise their bodies, and use their imaginations.


We also provide lessons to expanding populations of adults as beginners or continuing students for piano, guitar, voice,  violin, and drums/percussion. Many adults who enrolled in this class have fun learning an instrument for the first time and enjoy the experience of playing, performing, and singing.


Providing Music Therapy to children with special needs is a way to reach into the essence of each particular child. Rhythmic play and music-making can improve sensorimotor functioning and overall growth in the areas of cognition, behavior,   social skills, and communication.  Through music, together we are able to tune in, create ideas, and enjoy learning in a fun and relaxing way


Art classes and Art Therapy will be offered weekly at RMA. Instructions/sessions will be facilitated by a certified Special Educator and Art Instructor with a background in Art Therapy. Students will also participate in many different tactile activities such as drawing, jewelry making, sculpting, painting, and many more. A wonderful hands-on class allowing you to experience the beauty of art in a unique way.


Our Special Needs Services at RMA offers a variety of services for both children, teens, and adults. RMA  currently offers a year-round day program and support services for ALL AGES with special needs.

RMA Sevices & Programs:

MUSIC & ARTS                                                                   TECHNOLOGY

Private & Group Music Class                                     Computer Skills Program

Private & Group Musc Therapy                                      Assistive Technology

Private & Group Art Class

Private & Group Art Therapy

HEALTH & WELLNESS                                               FUNCTIONAL & LIFE SKILLS Program

Special Health & Wellness Classes                                   Money Management

Nutrition Education Class                                                  Job Readiness Skills

Mind-Body Education Program                                          Leisure & Recreation

                                                                                               Literacy Activities