Rosemount Music Academy, LLC provides private and group vocal and instrumental music lessons, creative learning opportunities and therapy for people of all ages. Rosemount Music Academy also offers Music & Art Workshop, Enrichment Program and Summer Camp for students from Pre K-12th grade.

The Rosemount Music Academy will operate six times in a week:

A. Enrichment Program (Art Classes, Computer Skills & Music & Movement (2pm-7pm) Monday thru Friday, and Saturday (8am-6pm).

B. Private and Group Music Lessons (Monday thru Friday 4:30pm-7pm & Saturday 9am-6pm.

C. Early Childhood Music Classes, Adult Music Classes and Music Therapy (Monday thru Friday 4:30pm-7pm & Saturday 9am-6pm).

The academy is consists of two large rooms for BEFORE & AFTER SCHOOL ENRICHMENT PROGRAM; and two built studios comprising of fully soundproofed rooms (INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC ROOM, VOCAL MUSIC ROOM). Our music studio contains high quality musical instruments and resources for students to learn in a safe, relaxing & inspiring environment.

Situated on the vibrant Bowie area, the academy is an ideal location close to schools, offices and parking. With a dynamic mix of local independent shops and market places, this site is ideal for shopping while the kids have their lesson. There is also a waiting area in the academy for parents to wait for their children while they receive music lessons if they wish to do.






The Rosemount Music Academy, LLC curriculum is designed to meet the goals of our music and after school enrichment program. It provides variety of activities including MUSIC LESSONS (Vocal & Instrumental Music) for children, teens & adults, MUSIC THERAPY,

ENRICHMENT PROGRAM (Art Classes, Music & Movement & Computer Skills) and SUMMER CAMP.

Our mission is to provide the best possible services to all our students whatever their needs." Whether you want academic support, cultural enrichment, develop and advance musical/art skills or just learn for fun, then Rosemount Music Academy will help you".

All the staffs at the academy are trained to get the very best out of each student. RMA staff members also receive training in First Aid & CPR and a criminal record check is required.

For inquiries, just give us a call at 202-460-6219/301-256-5866 or come in for a chat with one of our staffs and let see where we can take you.



RMA provides private and group music lessons (piano, voice, guitar, violin, flute, drums/percussion), early childhood music classes, adult music classes, and music therapy. We believe that the quality of lessons, services and personal rapport with our students and families are key factors for us to flourish and to be noteworthy in the community.



Students in enrichment programs are grouped by age and grade level (Early Childhood, Elementary and Upper Grade). They will have access to mentoring, homework assistance, team building activitIes, fun games and creative learning. Students in each groups are supervised by a well-qualified staff.



Our Summer Camp program is offered for children ages 4 through 16. During the camp, children will learn the art of playing the musical instruments such as the Rhythm Band, Group Guitar & Group Piano lesson, Chorus, and participate in other recreational activites such as Arts & Crafts, Creative Dance, Swimming, Skating etc. as well as educational activities such as Math, Reading, Science, Technology & Computer Skills.



Rosemount Music Academy, LLC offers a unique variety of programs and music services to students of all ages through creative learning opportunities and music exploration. Our curriculum is tailored to specific student's needs and interest by learning about their personal musical objectives and helping them develop skills and self-confidence to achieve their goals.


For the past six years, the founder/instructor has been teaching private and group vocal and instrumental music in her in-home-music studio. Since more students are trying to book for the lessons and the space at home is not enough to accommodate the large number of students, her better behalf encourage her to expand the business. Later, they found a space they liked and decided to go for it. They felt that it would be a great place to start a music school and an after school enrichment program.


As parents, community leaders, church choir cantors and directors, the couple believed that music education is very beneficial in child development. Numerous research and studies showed that musical training is good in early development and will certainly help their cognitive, social, emotional, speech, language, auditory and motor development. Music may also have therapeutic effects to children and adults with cognitive dysfunction, depression, and wide range of developmental issues. Thus, music would always be an important part of people's health and wellness regimen.


The couple's enthusiasm and passion for music has always been a large part of their lives. They are very zestful to share the "gift of music" to people from all walks of life and help young people find passion for music, teaching them to be expressive and find confidence through music playing and performances.


The music couple has two kids who are also actively engage in creative music and performing arts. Both are talented musicians and enjoys working with children. Wilma is a music teacher/special educator, music therapist, and church music director. Rey is a baritone singer, liturgical music planner and a trained music technologist. From Rey and Wilma's inception, they have envisioned (RMA) Rosemount Music Academy, LLC as a unique place and organization that can address so many facets of the music industry from lessons, to performances, to music therapy, to childcare services.


RMA has diverse programs and services that will surely help students transform their lives and explore the many faces and facets of music. LEARNING, CONFIDENCE AND ENJOYMENT are the RMA's ultimate goals. Come and join us in this WHIMSICAL MUSIC JOURNEY.

3060 Mitchellville Rd, Suite 104 Bowie MD 20716